Fast pitch season comes to a close |

Fast pitch season comes to a close

Bruce Tippets

— In girls fast-pitch action, Team I ran past Team 2, winning with a whopping 30-10 score Thursday in the league’s final game of the year at Loudy-Simpson Park.

The league, made up of four teams, usually plays two games at once, but due to the shortage of players Thursday only one game was played.

“I was pleased with the way all the girls played today,” said Team I coach Sherma Ray. “I was pleased that the teams came together and combined to make two teams. This was a great season.”

Team I first base player Brandi Telfer, who finished with three hits in the game, said she enjoyed playing fast-pitch this summer.

“Our team did really good this year,” she said. “I wasn’t the main player on our team so I did OK. Fast-pitch is a lot funner than softball because there is more action in the games. During the game today, at the plate I was trying to hit the ball so people could get home.”

The league was in limbo because players and coaches weren’t even sure there would be a league at first, but Ray said the league did all right for how much time they had to get the season started.

Team 2 coach Steve Hafey wants to see the league start earlier in the summer.

“We need to work with the city to try and get the league started a little earlier and so we don’t get caught with school starting and stuff like that,” said Hafey. “The girls have a lot of enthusiasm and they want to play the game. I am hoping that we can do it better and bigger in the future.”

Ray agreed.

“I wish the season was longer,” she said. “The way we put the league together, it didn’t turn out to bad at all.”

In the game Thursday, Team I scored 10 runs in each of the first two innings to jump ahead 20-0. Team 2 got on the scoreboard in the second by crossing the plate three times to make it 20-3. In the third, Team 1 scored six runs to take a commanding 26-3 lead as they cruised toward the 20-run victory. The game was not stopped at that point because it was the final game of the season.

“All lot of the girls came a long way during the season,” said Ray. “We like to see all the girls come out and play. With four teams this year things went all right. The more teams that we have the better. It’s doesn’t matter if they have played before, we can teach them how to play this game.”

“This is the third year for fast-pitch and a lot of girls are starting to learn the game,” Hafey said. “It’s an exciting game.”


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