Fantasy Sports Fix: Ratings jump around headed into 2nd half of baseball season |

Fantasy Sports Fix: Ratings jump around headed into 2nd half of baseball season

Chris Gingrich/For the Craig Daily Press
Chris Gingrich

There are always a lot of surprises in fantasy baseball — players who come out of nowhere, or relatively nowhere, to make an impact in the rankings. Maybe they’re not even unknowns, they might just be drafted out of the first two rounds and have a tremendous run to outplay their Average Draft Position to the surprise of many.

Today, I’ll be looking at what would happen if we were to re-draft, let’s say, the first 20 players, or the first two rounds or so.

We’ll start with the top five in Average Draft Position this year and compare them to where they are ranked now. The top five in ADP this year were Mike Trout, Andrew McCutchen, Clayton Kershaw, Giancarolo Stanton and Migeul Cabrera. The most recent rankings now have Mike Trout at fourth, Andrew McCutchen at fifth, Clayton Kershaw second among pitchers, the injured Giancarlo Stanton is sitting at sixth, and another injured player, Miguel Cabrera is at seventh.

So, who are the players that took over first, second and third?

Buster Posey, with an ADP of 24 is now ranked in first with 59 RBIs, 14 homers and a solid-as-a-rock .313 batting average. It’s somewhat confusing as to how Paul Goldschmidt is ranked second among batters considering he’s posted a line of 60 runs, 21 homers, 72 RBIs and 16 stolen bases with a .343 batting average. But, he was drafted with an ADP of 5, and is somehow behind Posey with a second place ranking. Bryce Harper, with an ADP of 32, takes over the third place ranking with 26 homers and an average of .338.

Jose Abreu, Carlos Gomez, Jose Bautista, Felix Hernandez, Edwin Encarnacion, Jose Alutve, Anthony Rizzo and Max Scherzer make up the next tier in the ADP rankings. Gomez, outfielder for the Brewers, was drafted with an ADP of eighth overall and is performing at a third round rate with an overall ranking this season of 28th. Not a great return on that investment, for sure. Rizzo on the other hand, was drafted with an ADP of 13.3, a second rounder, and is ranked overall eighth overall for batters, a first round value. The other notable, Scherzer, had an ADP of 14.2 and is now ranked as the No. 1 pitcher.

The last tier of players includes Adam Jones, Troy Tulowitzki Robinson Cano, Josh Donaldson, Yasiel Puig, and Chris Sale. Jones, Tulowitzki and Sale all retained their value so far this season solidifying their second round status, while Cano and Puig lost value being ranked 29th and 30th respectively, so far. Cano was somewhat a disappointment through the first half, being drafted 15th overall and now being ranked right around the 29th overall for batters. Puig seemed to be drafted a little too high this year, too, with an ADP of 20, he is performing at a third round rate, thus far.

So, if we were to draft right now,the first five picks might go something like Goldschmidt, Posey, Harper, Scherzer and Trout. We’ll see what the second half has in store.

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