Fantasy Sports Fix: Make your fantasy football playoffs |

Fantasy Sports Fix: Make your fantasy football playoffs

Chris Gingrich/For the Daily Press

For some fantasy football players, the playoffs will start in Week 14, a week from now, and for others it will start in week 15. Whatever the case may be, it’s likely that most playoff bound teams have the core of their roster set by now.

Here in the last couple weeks of the regular fantasy season however, minor tweaks and slight readjustments may be needed to ensure that your team secures one of the four playoff spots.

There’s really no step-by-step blueprint that will guarantee success from now through the fantasy playoffs, but there are some small things you can do to increase your chances for winning when it really counts.

Don’t be afraid to take risks

Play your waiver wire acquisitions, especially if you think they are the better option. There’s no better feeling than plugging in a newly acquired player and having him exceed your expectations and projection to give you an advantage in the final score. The saying, “the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward” is true when it comes to fantasy football. It took risks to get your team in the playoff hunt in the first place, it shouldn’t stop there.

Start your best players every week

Even if the match-up looks bad on paper, you always want to start your star players. If they just meet their projected score or fall below it a bit, it’s still probably better than most other options in comparison. If you lucked out in your draft and made some really great picks, you could be heavy in one position with too many choices every week. In that case, I just roll with the most productive player or players of the last few weeks.

Temper your expectations

Don’t always believe the hype when you see that the projected score is in your favor. In a lot of cases, the fantasy football playoffs are very competitive and end up coming down to final plays in some cases.

Player history and second-half increase or decrease in production

Some players will end up having a more productive second half and thus be very useful when trying to secure a playoff spot. Knowing who these players are and what kind of recent history they have with second-half output will be key. Other players tend to see a dip in production this time of year, so be aware of that and be prepared with your backup plan.

Remember, it’s a weekly game

Even this late in the season, it’s still good to remember that you’re trying to win this week. It’s a lot easier to focus on one week at a time, especially when the late season crunch hits. Each week, make sure to pay attention to recent news and injuries that can pop up in the middle of the week on the injury report. Sometimes it’s easy to miss news leading up to a weekend game and that can negatively impact your hopes of making the playoffs.

Good luck with your last two weeks of the regular fantasy football season.

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