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Famous Craig Corvette featured on calendar

Tyler Baskfield

Craig has its first calendar pinup model, and it’s not a famous athlete or a beautiful girl in a bikini it’s a hot Corvette.

The classic 1960 Chevrolet Corvette convertible, owned by Lyle P. Scheib of Craig, graces the pages of the Snap-on Incorporated Year 2000 millennium edition of its famous “Snapshots” car calendar. The calendar is the world’s largest car calendar, with more than 1 million printed. Scheib’s Corvette was chosen as one of the top 84 classic and custom cars in the world.

Scheib, who bought the Corvette two years ago from a professional restorer, was thrilled to learn the car had been picked for the calendar.

“I’m real excited about it,” said Scheib. “It’s quite an honor for the car and it’s well worth the praise that the calendar will give it.”

The calendar began in 1995 as a way to feature the skills and loyalty of Snap-on customers by showcasing the more than 80 custom and classic cars from around the world customers had created or restored.

The popularity of the calendar has been immense. In its initial year of publication it took three printings to satisfy the demand for more than 800,000 copies and the 1996 and 1997 editions required more than 1 million copies of the calendar.

Scheib has always been into restoring cars. Now that his kids are grown he has the time and the resources to pursue the hobby. Along with the “‘vette,” he is currently working on a 1951 Mercury. The car has a special connection to him because it is the same model he had as a teen-ager. While the Mercury is a way to relive some old memories, Corvettes will always be his favorites.

“I like ‘vettes,” said Scheib. “I just like this classic style.”

Snap-on invites its customers to submit pictures of their project cars. Officials work with a team of enthusiasts, selecting as many as they can to be included in the 12 months of the calendar. Owners’ make and model of their car are identified, and the presentation is first class.

The Snapshots calendar is only available from Snap-on representatives.

While Scheib is enjoying the notoriety his car, his kids might feel a little differently about it.

“I’m spending their inheritance,” said Scheib. “They might end up with cars unless I get buried in it. That might be a possibility, too.”