Family of Ken Martin: Thanks for the support |

Family of Ken Martin: Thanks for the support

To the editor:

We would like to take some time and say all of our “thank yous” to the many people who have brought food to the house, prayers, phone calls, cards and flowers, as well as for the donations from the coal miners of Twentymile Coal Co.

To Journey at First Baptish church and Pastor Leonard Browning: You’re awesome, and we loved all the guidance and support and prayers.

Lorrie would like to thank you for letting her practice and for just talking through this hard time.

Ken’s death was so sudden. It was supposed to be routine surgery, but instead of coming home Ken went to be with his Father in heaven.

A thank you to anyone we might have missed.

Bobbie Harper, Lorrie and Rick Scudder, Kindra and Nathan Nicodemus, Chad and Jessica Martin, and grandkids Johnny, Alivia Lyla, Nedra, Don, Phillip, Joel, Tanya, Jesse, Tyler, Gracie and baby Anna


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