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Families of Broomhead, Rollins and Smith: A loving thanks

To the editor:

We would like to thank the individual members of the community of Craig for their love and support for our brother, Paul Rollins, during his 67 years of life in Craig. There are too many of you to mention by name. Whether you said “hello” to Paul, took time to talk with Paul, helped him with his medical needs when needed, helped with Special Olympics, etc. Each act of thoughtfulness and kindness is appreciated. Thank you to the doctors, nurses and others who work in the medical field with taking care of Paul when needed during his life. Thank you to Horizons for giving Paul a place to live and being his family for many years. We give a special “thank you” for the loving staff members who work at Horizons. Your care and love to Paul truly was priceless. Thanks to the VNA Hospice nurses and staff, your work and compassion are so valuable.

The families of:

LaRae and Ron Broomhead

Harold and Sally Rollins

Lloyd and Julie Rollins

June and Steve Smith

Bryant Rollins