Faith: ‘What do you want for Christmas’

Tony Bohrer

Now there are songs that would declare, “all I want for Christmas is you.”

Other songs would say, “all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth; my two front teeth … my two front teeth. All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth … so I can wish you a Merry Christmas.”

And then — and I have never understood this song, and this is living proof that we need to write new Christmas music — “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas … only a hippopotamus will do????”

Now, who has ever asked for a hippopotamus?

In my opinion, there is just nothing like Christmas. I am kind of a scrooge. But I do love Christmas on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

From the Christmas songs, to the nativity scenes, to the carolers … and then there’s the wonder and joy in the eyes of little children. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

It is a time when BIG requests are made from those with limited resources. And if you don’t believe that, then you don’t have children.

Because children experience a sudden spirit of boldness at Christmas time. No request is too grand. No gift is too out of reach. No dollar amount is too much. After all, it’s Christmas, so why not go for it? Why not ask for something big?

March, April, May or June just doesn’t invoke that same confidence to ask for certain things, but let December roll around, and there is something about Christmas that builds expectations.

Kids know that a precedent has been set. It’s Christmas — and it’s a season of giving.

It a season of overwhelming responses to outlandish requests. I mean, if you want that $300 gaming system or an $800 iPhone, then play it cool all year and drop that bomb as Christmas approaches.

Because this is when Mom and Dad are most vulnerable. They are conditioned to give. They are conditioned to respond at Christmas time.

They may even try to make a way where there seems to be no way.

It’s Christmas. And it’s the season for asking. The stage is set, the ads are placed, the money is saved in anticipation of this season. It is a season where the unexpected can happen. It is a season where miracles can occur. It is a season where even the hardest of hearts are softened.

Where even a Scrooge can be touched by the miracle of Christmas.

Christmas is a season for everyone. And we work hard to make sure no one is left out. And so my question is, what do you want for Christmas?

I’m not talking about what do you want to find under a tree. I’m talking about what would you want from the Man who died on the tree. I’m talking about what do you need or what do you want God to do for you and your family. What do you need Him to do right now in your life?

If you could ask Him for anything, what would you ask Him for right now?

I know you may not would have the faith to ask for this in June or July, but this is Christmas and anything can happen at Christmas. No wonder Jesus said except ye become like little children you shall not inherit the Kingdom of God.

This is a new season. This is a time to believe God for the impossible. There is nothing too hard for the God that we serve.

If you need a healing miracle, God can give that to you. If you need a financial miracle, if you need a job, if you need a touch from Heaven, if you need Him to do the impossible in your life — let me remind you that it is Christmas and this is our SEASON, and with man it might be impossible, but with God all things are possible.

Maybe you haven’t prayed in a while. I challenge you this Christmas season to pray one more time, ask Him one more time. He is faithful!!!

Tony Bohrer is the pastor at the Lighthouse of Craig.

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