Faith: I am not special, but I can do special work for God

Patricia Jones

I am writing this on a brilliant and gorgeous summer morning. The world is still functioning and God is everywhere I look.

I am content in the love He has for me and I know He is in control. Love INC is open and mobilizing churches to meet needs, and I am here doing the work the Lord has set for me to do (rumors are so weird, aren’t they).

We are gearing up for our best ever Back-to-School Fair, and I hope to see you all there on Aug. 13.

But, I am not special. I don’t stand out in anyway. Walking down the street, I look like most other late middle-aged woman. I think I am an average Christian so I do what so many others do: serve the Lord and those I love.

I am not special, and maybe that is why God can use me to minister to others. When Jesus chose his apostles (Mark 3:14-15), he chose 12 men who had no special training or even special personality traits. They all had different characters and natures and they had different talents.

In fact, we would probably consider them lacking as leaders in many ways. However, they did have the desire to learn from the Lord. Jesus then trained and equipped them with the abilities they would need to share the Good News and build the new church.

Most of them started out self-centered, and through Jesus’s love and his time invested in each, they became compassionate, caring men whose focus turned from serving self to serving God and others. In Mathew 28:18-20 Jesus sent these men, after he had equipped them with all that they would need, to spread the Gospel and make disciples throughout the world — and they did.

I am not special, but I desire to learn from the Lord and follow Him every day. The story of the way Jesus chose his disciples and equipped these average men gives me hope. The story should give us all hope.

Jesus can use anyone to accomplish his work in the world. But how, you ask, can you be used if you are not special? What if you have no special abilities or what if you have a disability or some limitation due to your age or family situation? How can you be used by God and become a disciple?

First, be in prayer. Asked God for his direction. Second, listen to His answer and you will hear Him call you to work. Third, trust Him to equip you and supply what you need, whether it be training, education or just time and resources. Fourth, do it! Whatever you are being called to do, you will never accomplish that work if you don’t do it.

I am not special, but as I look back over my life, I see where God has lead me, trained me and equipped me every step of the way so He could use me to minister to my family and to so many needy people in God’s beautiful world. Try it. Be available and in prayer, and you can also be used by God to do special work even if you, like me, are not special. 

Patricia Jones is the executive director of Love INC of the Yampa Valley. Reach her at

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