Faith Column: What’s your worldview? |

Faith Column: What’s your worldview?

Unless you are in college or seminary, how often do you think about how your worldview affects your day-to-day life? Even if you are in college, do ever consider it after you turned in your worldview assignment? Your worldview matters, and as a Christian it is especially important to look at life (and beyond) with the right perspective, or worldview. Jesus and his love for others must be the worldview component that is forefront in our everyday dealings with others. A biblical worldview will help you to see that the person who just cut through the red-light and almost caused an accident is not a “jerk” but rather a human being, created and loved by God, who just made a bad decision. The kid next to you in school who copies off of your test is not a “creep” but rather a lost soul who needs forgiveness and probably friendship. The colleague with whom you just disagreed over a decision in a meeting is not your “enemy” but rather a valuable person for whom Jesus sacrificed his life and who just does not happen to share your opinion.

A biblical worldview helps when deciding other things as well. Did you really just throw that cigarette butt on the sidewalk, crush it out, and leave it there on the ground? God values this planet and we should view it though His eyes and take care of it as our ancestors were commanded to do when He gifted us with it. Did you just buy three candy bars at Wal-Mart and look at your receipt and see they only charged you for two? What did you do? Rejoice that you “won” a free gift, figure that they probably over-charged you on another item at another time and so you’re even, or did you go back later, even though it was out of your way, and pay for it. If you have the biblical worldview, you would have done the last thing because you would see the situation through the perspective of Jesus’ teachings. So think about the person at the red-light, the kids in school, and the colleague at the meeting and ponder on your reactions using the biblical worldview. If you need to change your responses, and not always react in justified anger, then do so. Some people may call it tolerance but it isn’t really that — it is grace and mercy which is developed along with a biblical worldview.

Bottom line, with a biblical worldview you can see that no matter where you live, who you are, what culture you are from, and what you do, everyone is a valuable child of God and we, as Christians, need to have that biblical worldview. We need to remember that we are all members of the same family living on the same beautiful planet and in patience, practice grace and mercy. Don’t wait until you have to do a college assignment, start today to develop your biblical worldview.

Pat Jones is the director of Love INC (Love In the Name of Christ) of the Yampa Valley.

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