Faith Column: What’s your self worth? |

Faith Column: What’s your self worth?

I would think it is safe to say that most of us reading this article today has or is struggling with self worth. It is something that maybe we try to hide, excuse or even act like it’s not a big deal. The reason it is a big deal is because it affects the way we make decisions, how we communicate with people and how we give and receive love.

I have met men and women who really have no idea what it’s like to receive true unconditional love. After talking to them it boils down to them not feeling worthy to receive such a love. It’s not that people haven’t tried but for whatever reason (past hurt, mistake, etc.) they can’t fathom someone wanting to love them.

I would like to take a moment and challenge how you look at yourself. It is easy to look at others and tell them how worthy they are or how beautiful they are or how great they are. It is a whole another thing to look at ourselves in the mirror and say you are worthy, you are beautiful and you are great. It’s hard to do that because a lot of the time we don’t feel worthy of being described like that.

The price paid for something defines its value.

What you consider ugly clothes become valuable if they’re expensive and someone is willing to pay that price.

If I gave you a large diamond, you’d treat it differently than if I gave you a block of wood. Why? You know which one I paid more for!

What makes the diamond worth more than the wood? What people would pay for it! There is a lot of things in this world that are expensive that doesn’t make any sense to me but because someone is willing to pay the price it makes it worthy of the price.

You are probably wondering what is your point? Glad you asked. My point is simply that the price paid for something defines its value.

I want someone to know that Jesus Christ paid the price on the cross for you to feel worthy. None of us deserve what he did at Calvary but that doesn’t change the fact that he still went and that he thought you were worth dying for. He sees something special in you and it’s time for you start seeing how special you really are.

If only for a moment we could put on a pair of glasses and look into the mirror and see our self the way he sees us everything would be different. Next time you look into a mirror tell yourself the price Jesus paid for me triumphs how I feel or what others say about me. I am worthy because Jesus thought I was to die for.

Tony Bohrer is the pastor at Apostolic Lighthouse Church in Craig.Tony Bohrer is the pastor at Apostolic Lighthouse Church in Craig. Tony Bohrer is the pastor at Apostolic Lighthouse Church in Craig.

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