Faith Column: ‘Special needs’ adds enjoyment to life |

Faith Column: ‘Special needs’ adds enjoyment to life

Scott Middleton/For the Saturday Morning Press

As I began to focus on Thanksgiving and how to convey that feeling in a fresh way to my congregation, I realized that I am thankful today for things that I never dreamed of.

In 2013, my oldest daughter and her husband were overseas on the mission field and they were preparing for the arrival of our fourth grandchild. We were excited and full of trepidation.

Another grandchild provided the excitement; the trepidation arose from the words of the doctor.

You see the medical community had been throwing around the term, "special needs" in reference to the unborn child. There were statistics telling us that the child might not make it, that 70 percent die in utero.

We were told all the things that the medical community assumed this baby would not be able to do. That the special needs would be great.

I had really tried to get my head around that term, what does "special needs" conjure up? Having been the father of three children, I have decided that all children have special needs.

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Some needs are more observable than others are; and yet we all have special needs. My granddaughter turned two last month and in spite of the statistics and the medical knowledge that said otherwise, she is the tremendous blessing we never dreamed she was going to be.

We have a father in heaven that knows of our special needs and he meets them. Each one of us had a need for salvation that we could not personally meet.

In fact, unlike a newborn baby who has parents to nurture and care for it, no one else could help us nor meet those needs for us. Therefore, God sent his son Jesus to do that which we could not.

He is the answer for our special needs. The more I thought about that term and how it applies to each of us and how God saw fit to meet that need, then more the trepidation lessened and just left me excited.

I was anxious to meet the precious girl that God was putting into our lives and to see how God would met her needs but also uses her to meet the needs of other's.

I have a lot to be thankful for but in every case it starts with and returns to thanking God.

Scott Middleton is the pastor at Craig Christian Church.Scott Middleton is the pastor at Craig Christian Church. Scott Middleton is the pastor at Craig Christian Church.