Faith Column: Serving others with love |

Faith Column: Serving others with love

Pat Jones/For the Saturday Morning Press

The holidays: if you are like me, you live 10 months of the year waiting for November and December to arrive.

Excitement is in the air and love for our neighbors is truly filling our hearts, but so is concern. We are entering our busiest season here at Love INC and in most of the churches and non-profits agencies, too.

The temperatures are dropping, heating bills are on the rise and there is a temporary lull in seasonal work for many.

Add to that, the stress of trying to create a memorable holiday for your family and then the number of people dealing with depression rises.

Love INC churches and several non-profits reach out during this time to lift spirits and stretch meager resources by providing Christmas gifts and holiday food boxes, by providing warm coats, helping with food, rent and utilities, home repairs, and more.

At this time of year opportunities abound for everyone to show love to their neighbors by getting involved in these outreach activities. If your time is short, donations of money to any of the non-profits go a long way (In fact, our United Way is in the middle of their annual campaign to raise funds to help Moffat County non-profits).

If you like to get involved and do “hands-on” work, you and your family have many opportunities.

You can adopt a family for Christmas, help deliver food boxes, collect, donate or help distribute gifts, or you can simply wash coats for distribution-these are just a few ideas.

Reaching out to others during the holidays is a good way to address the concerns we have for our needy neighbors.

While Thanksgiving and Christmas are surely the most joyous holidays and our thoughts turn toward our loving Lord and to the worship of Him, many people have a hard time seeing this because of their difficult lives, hopelessness, and a bleak outlook.

Ways that help show love are seen in the bi-weekly meals provided by St. Michael’s Community Kitchen and when Love INC churches serve holiday meals at Sunset Meadows or in their churches.

These meals help provide tangible proof of the love of Christ in the meal itself and in the fellowship that accompanies it.

Providing small gifts and words of encouragement to others help, too. As Christians we are called to help others by leading them to know Jesus and understand the sacrifice He came to this earth to make for us.

I urge you to take time this busy time of year to share the reason for the hope that is in you (1 Peter 3:15) with at least one person. That would be a great gift indeed. I encourage you to be involved this holiday season and to share the excitement with your family and others through the many service opportunities that abound. Demonstrate your love and the love that Christ has for all by being involved.

Pat Jones is the executive director of Love INC.Pat Jones is the executive director of Love INC. Pat Jones is the executive director of Love INC.

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