Faith Column: Seek a relationship with Jesus |

Faith Column: Seek a relationship with Jesus

On the shores of Loch Ness outside of Inverness, Scotland, there stands a castle called Urquhart. Or I should say the remains of a castle.

Through its long career as a castle, it changed hands many times. It seems it was often easier to take a castle than to keep it. The spot was a strategic one for defending and invading the Highlands of Scotland.

What I find interesting is that often a castle could be breeched by a method called “by fire and sword.” The concept was, and is, simple; you get close enough to the base of a castle and then dig down under the foundation.

Once there was a large enough space, you built a very hot fire. The heat would cause the foundation to break and then the walls would fall down in that section and the attacking forces could gain entrance easily.

That same tactic applies in spiritual warfare, as well.

If our foundation is not intact, then our walls will fall. It is crucial that our foundation is in Jesus Christ. The scripture tells us he is the cornerstone and our rock. Jesus even talks about building your house upon a solid foundation in his parable in Matthew 7.

I want to encourage you today to make certain you have a solid foundation, especially before the storms of this life assail you or the evil one launches an attack with “fire and sword.”

I would invite you to seek a relationship with Jesus; it will make all the difference.

In him, Scott Middleton