Faith Column: Having faith that everything will be alright |

Faith Column: Having faith that everything will be alright

Worrying about a missing friend, coming together in faith

On Tuesday evening of this week, my son-in-law received word that a good friend was missing.

The missing man was a family friend that was bowing hunting in Utah with my son-in- law’s brother. He had not been seen since Sunday morning.

By Tuesday afternoon the search and rescue was in full swing. I did not know the lost hunter, but I could see the concern on my daughter and son-in-law’s face. At one point, I asked if we needed to go to Utah.

Something I was willing to do, but I thought would not be of much help since we did not know the terrain nor did we have the training to take care of all of the things we might encounter.

The reoccurring thought was something bad had happened to this man since he was an accomplished outdoorsman. Late Tuesday night we received word that the friend had been found on the mountain with a broken leg and dehydration but still alive.

There was relief, some cheering and prayers of gratitude for this lost one that had been found.

I recounted this story because it made me reflect on the similarities between life and the teachings in the Bible; Jesus told a parable in Luke 15.3-7 about a lost sheep and the shepherd going to find it.

Furthermore, there is rejoicing in the parable over the restoration of the lost sheep.

However, my thoughts went deeper than making that connection. You see this hunter did not want to be where he was and in the situation, he was in, but he was powerless to do anything about it.

In addition, while I am sure, the broken leg was painful; the lack of water was what was slowly killing him. Scriptures tells us Jesus had the living water that we need (John 4.14) and, “at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly (Romans 5.6 NIV)”.

I just wanted to remind you if you know and tell you if you didn’t, Jesus has sent us out on a search and rescue mission, to share the Good News that He has the water you need and the ability to get you out of that lost state and take you to a safe place.

In Him

Scott Middleton is the minister at Craig Christian Church.

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