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Fair winner gives students lesson on setting goals

Lee Harstad

Everyone needs to set goals and be committed to them. Amanda Buckner began entering the Colorado State Fair at age 12 with a goal of becoming a state champion. Seven years later, her hard work finally paid off.

After spending countless hours preparing her sheep for competition, Buckner entered it and won grand champion at the State Fair in August. She received more than $16,000 for the sheep.

Buckner’s dedication was showcased to Linnea Shubin’s fourth-grade class at Ridgeview Elementary School Sept. 15 where she was invited to speak.

According to Shubin, having Buckner in the classroom explaining what she went through was a great way to start the year.

“We thought this would be a great way to introduce to the kids how to work hard, be committed and follow through,” Shubin said. “They were able to see what could happen with a commitment.”

Buckner, who wants to pursue a teaching profession, was excited to have the chance to speak with the class and believes her presentation went well.

“I could tell they were listening and they realized just because you want something it may not happen right away,” Buckner said. “It may take seven years.”

Shubin has been teaching for 20 years and the idea of setting goals and being committed has been a major force in her instruction.

“We wanted Amanda to come in and tell them how she felt, that it’s OK to have feelings of doubt and uncertainty, but things will work out if they keep focus,” Shubin said.

Shubin came up with the idea of having Buckner visit her class after Shubin wrote a guarantee to her students. This guarantee consists of goals stating she would be there for them, teach and help them, and never give up in her efforts.

“I guaranteed I would fulfill those goals,” Shubin said. Each student was given a copy of the goals and in return, each student was to make a list of their own.

After listening to Buckner, according to Shubin, students made their lists which were mostly school-related. This goal-setting activity also involved parents as they had to acknowledge the goals of their children by signing the list.

Involving parents and family members is something both Buckner and Shubin agree on. Buckner’s family helped her through thick and thin.

“Without the support of my family, this (winning state) would have never happened,” Buckner said. “Winning was the greatest accomplishment I have ever had.”

Students in Shubin’s class look up to Buckner. Each student wrote a letter of thanks and Buckner has shown her willingness to help by making return visits to the classroom.

In an act of admiration and inspiration, nine-year-old Stephanie Puhl wrote an essay about Amanda Buckner and her accomplishments.


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