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Fair entrants should do their own projects, not 4-H parents

To the Editor:

As our Moffat County Fair concludes, I would like the community to know what I experienced at the fair this year.

I had never purchased a steer from the livestock auction, so I decided this would be the year. I was dedicated to finding the “right one.” It was very important to me to help out a 4-H kid.

I thought by watching the beef show I would find the 4-H kid that I would like to buy from. As I came into the barn 40 minutes before the show, I walked around to see the many different steers and what I witnessed angered me so much. The steers I was seeing were being washed, groomed, clipped and prepped by adults and parents as the kids either sat waiting for it to be done or were into horseplay with other friends.

As I walked through the barn, I found only three 4-H students actually working with their steers. I was further angered when very prominent people of this community were coaching their kids as to how the steer handles since the hired hands of their ranching business have worked with their steers all summer.

The percentage of 4-H kids who actually fed, worked, trained and groomed their own steers was only 2 percent!

I think it is real sick how some of these parents and kids have nothing to do with 4-H until they can sell their steers at the sale and get a lot better price than market.

I would like to strongly encourage the Craig businesses and community members to go around and talk to these 4-H kids and find out how involved they have been in raising that steer. I wonder how many of those kids would be in that ring if the parents were not allowed to help?

Some counties are even going with not having an auction anymore. Would all these parents still be into it then? I think not.

Think about it.

Cecelia Gardner


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