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F. Neil Folks: Give support to MCSD

I have been a regular attendee at most of the Moffat County School District’s Board meetings the past three years. I’ve watched and experienced the changes that are slowly taking place in our school system. Granted, change is not easy. Sometimes is does take a lot of blood, sweat and blisters to make it happen or direct it the way we want it to go. Change will occur whether we want it to or not. It is the natural sequence of life — time moves on, generations come and go and some stand by and just watch. It’s important we help direct that change.

I sat through 13 hours of school board budget meetings Thursday and, yes, I came out with sititis, but well informed. It was a real learning experience for me. I gained a tremendous appreciation and admiration for what this board of seven has to do to see that our kiddos are well prepared for the future. They kept the kiddos at the top of the list in all realms of budget maneuverings. The process was almost like squeezing blood out of a turnip in order that our children receive the best education out there.

We must not forget what Supt. Curtice and his teacher task forces and staff have done to install a better educational system. It’s all in the infancy stage right now, but I strongly feel they are now on the right track. Let’s give them time to create results and outcomes before we start hacking away at what they are doing. No system is perfect. There will be bugs here and there in the process and programs that will need to be exterminated. It is our responsibility to be involved wherever needed as parents, grandparents and citizens in general. It takes a community to raise a child, as Ms. Clinton said. No one part can stand alone and expect to survive. We’re all in this together as community; united we stand.

Thursday evening, during the public comment section, I asked the board to take on a mindset of abundance as they build the budget to present to the public in June. I warned them that if they tend to approach it with the mindset of scarcity, it will fail, and we will have failed our children. The funding will come. It’s the plan first.

Finally, I feel my grandchildren are in good hands right now and will learn three times more than I did several generations ago. My hat is off to the school board and all the school staff. Keep up the good work everyone. You’ll make it through all of the community negativity. We’re slowly starting to come together as community. You are the central part of all this, the core, the hub, the driver. God bless.

F. Neil Folks

Grandparent and Wandering Elder

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