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Eyecare Specialties takes v-ball title

David Pressgrove

The last few years there has been no question which two teams were the best in the Craig Parks and Recreation competitive adult volleyball league. Although the league had an increase in teams this year, the two leaders stayed at the top.

“It’s been the two of us back and forth the last several years,” said Craig Eckroth of Eyecare Specialties. “When we play them it brings the best out of both teams.”

The other team is the Cook Chevrolet team and going into the tournament the only losses for each team were against each other.

Cook had the early advantage in the post-season tournament with a win in the teams’ meeting in the tournament.

Eyecare Specialties made its way through the consolation bracket and came back to beat Cook Chevrolet twice. The first match went two games and the final match went for three games.

“Those games were pretty competitive,” Eckroth said. “I don’t know how they would compare to other rec. competitive league around but both teams have some good players.”

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The Parks and Rec. Department offers a competitive league and a non-competitive league for adult volleyball. This year, there were eight teams in each league. That number in the competitive league was an increase from years past.

Eckroth said the increased numbers for the league was encouraging.

“It was nice to see some fresh faces,” he said. “A lot of years it was the same teams over and over.”

Volleyball is over for the winter and will resume with a spring season in April.