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Executive director of Advocates Crisis Support Services resigns

Eleanor C. Hasenbeck
Former Moffat County Commissioner Chuck Grobe stepped down this week as executive director for Advocates Crisis Support Services in Craig.
Sasha Nelson

CRAIG — Chuck Grobe has stepped down as executive director of Advocates Crisis Support Services, a victim’s advocacy organization in Craig.

As of last Friday, Daniel Bingham has taken on the role as interim executive director.

Grobe resigned as a cost-saving measure.

The executive director will become a part-time position in order to spread funds farther, and the board of directors is picking up additional duties. This internal consolidation will not affect the organization’s service to the public, Bingham said.

“The mission of the agency is vital to the community. The direct client services are being taking care of,” Bingham said. “We still have responsibility to do outreach and education, and the people we have doing that are very good. We’re just being very selective about the events that we’re doing.”

By making the position part-time, Bingham said Advocates would be able to fund the position for at least another four months without any changes to the organization’s funding.

“I felt it best that I get out of the way,” Grobe said. “At some point, they were going to say that I was out of a job anyway, because they couldn’t pay me.”

Grobe said they tried to find the right time — first, the end of January, then, the end of February — but at a certain point, he decided there was no good time to step down, leading him to resign last week.

Grobe will still be involved with the organization, both in helping Bingham transition into his role as interim director and acting as an ambassador for Advocates to the community.

“He helped us overcome a lot of challenges with the agency,” Bingham said of Grobe.

Grobe came in as executive director as the organization was going through a rough spot. At the time, Advocates had three directors within 18 months. Former  associates were arrested, charged and later convicted of embezzling more than $450,000 from the nonprofit, and these events eroded the community’s trust in the organization. Bingham said the organization is stronger now, and the Advocates board of directors is being more selective in ensuring it’s got the right person for the right job.

“I can assure you that, without Chuck, we’d have some challenges we’d still be trying to overcome,” Bingham said. “He fixed issues that had fallen in the cracks. We’re in much better shape than what we were.”

The search for a new executive director hasn’t yet begun. For the time being, Bingham, a former crime victims advocate and paramedic, will fill the role.

Grobe, a former Moffat County commissioner, said he’s looking forward to “kicking back for a bit” and spending time with his family.


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