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Evelyn Tileston: Thoughts for the season

To the editor:

People say, “Rules are meant to be broken,” and “Nothing stays the same,” and “Everybody is unique and different.”

Maybe so, but there’s one way we’re all the same. We all have in common, every living plant, animal, and human, an unknown amount of time to be alive.

Try as we humans will, eventually extending our time will not be an option.

It will be gone. That knowledge makes time a very precious commodity.

Think about it. During this season of giving, this time when we want to give the best and most precious gift to those we love, what better gift to give than some of our precious time?

After all, the time will go by no matter what we do with it.

Whether we spend it in church or in jail, whether we spend it in the arms of our true love or at the hands of our enemies, time will inevitably go by.

True, sometimes it seems we do not get to choose what happens with our time, but more often than not, we get to choose, and each time we consciously choose, the more we think about how our time is spent, the awareness of our ability and right to choose, and our sense of personal responsibility are strengthened.

Yes, some rules are meant to be broken, so break the one telling you that you have no control over your time.

It’s a lie. One thing stays the same, the fact that each of us has limited time.

Indeed, like the snowflakes, we each are unique. The choice of how we use our time is unique to us. Use it well.

Evelyn Tileston