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Evelyn Tileston: Thank you

Coming face to face with one’s mortality is a frightening as well as value-changing experience. One never knows when it will happen. That’s what I thought about as I lay on a narrow bed in The Memorial Hospital ICU. “Lord Jesus, into your hands I commend myself,” I prayed. “Do with me according to your divine will. My choice is to live.”

Apparently, it was His choice as well; for here I am.

My forever gratitude to my dear friend Anna Adams, who insisted I go to the E.R.; as well as to the E.R. and floor staff at The Memorial Hospital whose expert and loving care helped me to live another day, or month, or year, or decade. Who knows?

“The call of God and the gifts of God are irrevocable.” I have been given the gift of life. Now what will I do with it?

Evelyn Tileston



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