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Evelyn Tileston: Stop the unwanted calls

To the editor:

Is there any way in the world to get rid of these unwanted, unimportant, undesirable, unethical and unprofessional robo-calls?

Someone please tell us all how to do this. If it isn’t Rachel from “card services,” it’s some nearly hyisterical man trying to sell me a LifeLine so I won’t die in a home accident.

“Just press 5 to be removed from the list.” Fat chance. I have pressed 5 until my finger is numb. He’s still calling. I have pressed 1 to try to tell Rachel that my credit cards are all paid up and to please stop calling. She (or it) just hangs up and then calls me the next day or the next hour, or in the middle of dinner. It’s enough to make me want to rip out my telephone.

Colorado Legislature, can you help?

Evelyn Tileston