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Evelyn Tileston: I support C and D, and I’m not a pig

To the editor:

I am not a pig.

Lately, a group has been running ads claiming that people who support referendums C and D are pigs. The real pigs are the greedy folks who want to keep our state from growing financially so that it can meet its responsibilities to its residents.

The idea that we’re all going to be better off and fiscally responsible if we prevent financial growth just doesn’t make sense to me.

The significant drop in tourism and new business investment dollars, caused by events of 911 and by the terrible summer of forest fires we had a few years ago, triggered an extreme drop in money coming in to Colorado’s treasury. In turn, this caused financial hardship to those who depend on state-funded services for jobs, medical care, education and travel. In the case of the Independent Life Center, $5,000 was taken from our state funding and has never been returned. Am I a pig because I want what we used to have? Are low-income people pigs because they want cuts in their medical services restored? Are people pigs who want our state roads repaired and improved?

Where is the person who, having received a pay raise, told his employer to “Just keep it; share it equally with other employees?” That is what the pig ad people are asking us to do. Opponents of C and D want to scare us into thinking that our state legislators will disregard any needs of Colorado’s residents and use state funds for their own benefit. Really? Not if they want to keep their jobs they won’t. Will our legislators move to suspend term limits and end all elections so they can stay in office forever, spending any way they want for whatever they want? Does anybody really believe that?

Passing C and D merely allows the state to keep money coming in from already existing sources and provides that the matter will be revisited in five years. It is not a new tax.


Evelyn Tileston

Independent Life Center director

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