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Evelyn Tileston: Backwards into history

To the editor:

On Wednesday, I voted for Craig's mayor and city council members.

It was quite cozy and comfortable in our kitchen as a trusted friend helped me to mark my ballot and showed me where to sign the envelope.

All pretty painless, right?

Not for me.

What happened to my right to a secret ballot? Where was my privacy? What happened to the accessible voting machine some of us fought so hard to get?

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I was weeping inside as my trusted friend helped me with my ballot because we had just zipped back before 1990, when the Americans with Disabilities Act was enacted.

"The system" figured out a way to save money while legally depriving some of us of our right to a secret ballot.

I can't help wondering if there is even one person in Craig who knows what it feels like to, in effect, be told by our city government, meeting your voting needs is just too expensive and inconvenient. Let someone help you with your ballot and stop complaining.

Well, just in case anyone cares, it doesn't feel very good.

Evelyn Tileston

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