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Evelyn Tileston: About MMR vaccines

To the editor:

These days there is a lot of controversy about the measles mumps rubella vaccine for children. Some parents think it causes autism so they choose not to vaccinate their children. But what about when these children become adults? Does anyone council them to be vaccinated when they are old enough to make their own choice?

I wonder if any of these parents have ever seen what can happen to a baby whose mother contracts rubella during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy? The child whose mother brought her to me for help was totally blind and did not speak. At age six, she had just learned to walk and was thought to be deaf. I assure you, you don’t want this to happen to your daughter and prospective grandchild.

True, there are lots of services available for children like the one I have described and have never forgotten; but there is only one way for this particular result not to happen and that is for women of child-bearing age to be vaccinated against rubella. Though most instances of developmental disability are not caused by rubella during early pregnancy; some are! Why shouldn’t young women consult their health care provider about the wisdom of being vaccinated; if for no other reason than to protect their unborn children?

Evelyn Tileston



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