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Evan Gaffney: Homecoming success

To the editor:

I arrived in Craig last year as a stranger, unfamiliar with the culture and traditions of this great city. With absolutely no idea what I was doing, I embarked on the adventure of organizing homecoming.

As you can imagine, it was a bit of a learning process, and I have no doubt that I failed to do the event justice on multiple fronts. For that, I can only apologize.

Here’s what I learned second time around:
Homecoming is a source of community pride for the citizens of Moffat County, and a chance for our students and athletes to see that we’re invested in their success. It’s an opportunity to give our youths a reason to apply themselves and be proud of where they come from. It may be a few simple events followed by a parade and a football game, but the importance of homecoming week is huge, and one man can even begin to do all the things necessary to make it happen.

I am one tiny cog in a machine that makes a big difference for this community.
I hate to use the tired cliche, “It takes a village,” but the reality is that there are dozens of people in Craig who work hard to make my job possible. I can only scratch the surface, but there are some people I need to thank.

Thanks to the Moffat County Booster Club for being my partner in homecoming week. These folks put a tremendous amount of time, effort and money into making sure our students have a positive experience. They supported our teams, found sponsors for the parade, brought back the high school pep rally and purchased fireworks for the football game. I can’t possibly thank them enough, and I highly encourage the members of this community to support them however you can. None of that money or effort goes to waste.
Thank you to the faculty, staff and administration of Moffat County School District for leading spirit week by example. Thank you for giving generously of your time to help build class floats and attend games and events. Thank you for sacrificing your dignity to dress as princesses and superheroes and for jumping into the pep assembly with both feet. Thank you for encouraging the kids to get involved while still providing them with a quality education and a reason to be at school. Most of all, thank you for supporting me during the most difficult part of the school year and assuming the burdens that I force on you without complaint or reservation.
Thanks to the fire department for staying up late with us two nights in a row and putting themselves in harms way to make sure that our students had a fun and safe experience. Thanks to Wendy’s for providing us with free chili for 250 people. Thanks to the businesses and organizations that entered the parade, and thanks to the road and bridge crew and the local police for making sure that event went smoothly. To the community of Craig and the folks who showed up to support us at every turn, I can only say that we are humbled by your enthusiasm and proud to represent your city.
Finally, I need to thank my student council. These 30 or so teenagers are the unsung heroes of homecoming. From contacting parade entries, to coordinating class floats, to creating our half-time program, to staying well after school creating decorations for the dance, no sooner did I delegate a task to these outstanding young men and women than it was done. I look forward to my continued work with this group throughout the year.

If you have any ideas on how we can make next year’s homecoming week better than ever, please don’t hesitate to contact me at evan.gaffney@moffatsd.org.

Evan Gaffney


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