Eunice Linton: Rehab office still open |

Eunice Linton: Rehab office still open

I want to thank Andie Tessler for attending the open house/farewell party for Val and Jeff Pleasant on May 30 at Rehabilitation Services of Craig and for the nice article that was in the May 30 paper.

However, I would like to take exception to the headline “Pleasant farewell for Rehabilitation Services of Craig.” That headline is quite misleading, and I have had several phone calls and inquiries regarding such. We have been telling our patients, families and friends that we are not closing, and when they read that headline, it caused some panic.

I just want you and the community to know that Rehabilitation Services of Craig is not closing. We will continue to provide physical and occupational therapy services just as we have for the past 19 years.

Eunice Linton



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