Eugene McQuay: CPW’s fish management seems harmful to Craig |

Eugene McQuay: CPW’s fish management seems harmful to Craig

To the editor:To the editor:

To the editor:

The article in Saturday’s Daily Press by Tom Chart concerning the elimination of the “invasive species” in the Yampa River and Elkhead Reservoir finally struck the last nerve and has prompted me to respond in kind.

It makes the feeble attempt to convince the majority of the local anglers that they are doing all of us a favor by ruining the Yampa by killing the naughty northern pike, smallmouth bass and channel catfish.

The article by Patrick Kelly is another attempt to glorify the heroic efforts of those saviors of the Yampa, the shocker boat crews, was yet another thorn in the sides of local anglers. It sounded as if the citizens of Moffat and Routt counties should throw flowers and blow kisses as those valiant river warriors.

The Yampa River had the potential of becoming one of, if not the best, trophy northern pike, smallmouth bass river south of the Canadian border, but through the efforts of our “river heroes,” they have managed to avert such a tragedy. Those of us that lack the finances to travel to the pristine lakes and rivers of Canada could have enjoyed that kind of fishing in our own backyard. Now we can only read about it and dream in the outdoor magazines we purchase.

As far as the replacement of these horrible “invasive species” is concerned, they will be replaced by the so called “desirable species” — in other words stocker rainbow trout.

Will these rainbow trout be specially bred and most importantly, be educated not to eat the endangered species because trout do eat minnows! I trust that when the several thousands of rainbows are stocked that they will leave the young endangered fish alone and only eat the suckers that will once again over populate the river the way they did before those disgusting pike and bass were accidentally introduced into the Yampa by the Division of Wildlife in the 70s.

I will be able to sleep at night now that I have gotten this off of my chest even though it will not make a difference in the river Gods decisions in the future.

Eugene McQuayEugene McQuay

Eugene McQuay


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