ESPN Classic |

ESPN Classic

David Pressgrove

Duh duh duh. Duh duh duh.

Hard to convey musical notes through writing but when I mention one word you’ll recognize the tune right away, SportsCenter.

“Oh yeah, I get it,” you say like 90 percent of cable owners who have watched the show (rough estimate).

SportsCenter has become a cultural icon and apple pie better watch out because SC is making its way up the All-American charts. Not only is apple pie in danger, the show’s anthem is moving up the charts as the most recognizable tune. At last check it was right above the Oscar Meyer wiener song and on the heels of the Brady Bunch theme.

So with that said, was anybody else disappointed by ESPN’s 25,000th show on Sunday? I guess I expected more from the leader in sports. A little more hoopla, a couple of boo-yah bru ha has or at least Mark McGuire jumping out of a cake. Instead we had Carson Daly and a bunch of teenagers counting down the top five SportsCenter commercials and some celebrities talking about how lucky they are because their Hollywood status gets them access to athletes.

The show definitely did…not…go…all…the…way.

While I was watching the show those were my thoughts. They’d been hyping “SC25k” for almost a month so I marked it on my calendar as any loyal Rich Eisen or Stuart Scott fan would, and awaited the big show. At the time it really was anti-climactic. But in retrospect it was classic SportsCenter, the same one that we hope for every 8 p.m., 10 p.m. or 6 a.m. Not too many bells and whistles. It was that weekend’s sports with a couple of extra add-ins just to remind the viewer how SC had grown from a local cable show to an essential-as-food sports show.

Any other show would have had a big celebrity reunion and tearful reminiscence of fallen stars. But it was just Sunday’s action. The race in the American League West, Little League World Series highlights and a story about a former Buffalo Bill’s fullback who had a heart transplant on Sept. 11.

I guess that’s why I haven’t hopped on the sports writer band wagon and criticized the show for being a depthless sports show that uses humor to sell instead of in-depth facts and stories.

But I guess I’m just a shallow sports fan at heart who likes to laugh as well as know how my team did that night instead of waiting for the paper in the morning. In the words of Stuart Scott, “my bad.”

So I proudly stand up and wave my big No. 1 foam finger for the only reason that I pay $55 a month for 324 channels. My hour of peace and pastime every night keeps me sane and that $55 a month is probably much cheaper than psychology fees.

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