Errica Glanville Wallet: And the other side says : |

Errica Glanville Wallet: And the other side says :

Errica Glanville Wallet

Thanksgiving always was a wonderful experience in our home.

My mom went above and beyond the call of duty, slaving away in the kitchen, usually starting as early as 2 a.m., cleaning and preparing the turkey and the dressing.

Everything was made from scratch, right down to the dinner rolls.

One particular Thanksgiving, though, was going to be the best one yet. My aunt Judy, uncle Roy and their two children, Stacy and Jeff, were coming to town to celebrate with us.

For weeks, we were excited with anticipation.

There always was so much laughter and love when our parents got together, and what a wonderful holiday to share.

From the beginning, my dad and uncle Roy had planned a fishing trip. Keeping it a secret, and not very well, they decided to fish Freemont Lake.

Dad had a beautiful Rapala that we had given him for Father’s Day that he was dying to try. On Thanksgiving morning, while the ladies were preparing the dinner, the guys left to catch the big one.

As time does, the hours came and went, and dinner was ready and placed on the table.

Waiting patiently for the guys to return – OK, not so patiently – my mom and Aunt were getting very disappointed, and we were no better – the smells that filled the day made our mouths water. You would have thought that none of us had ever eaten before.

I don’t recall what time it was when my uncle walked through that door. But, when he did, you could definitely see the disgust on my mom and aunt’s faces.

“Where’s Hal?” my mom asked.

Uncle Roy just smiled and looked towards the door.

In walks my dad, all 5-foot-9 of him, with the biggest, most ginormous fish I had ever seen in my entire life.

It was humongous, as big as my baby brother, who at the time was only five.

All of us kids were so engrossed by this giant mackinaw that we completely forgot about dinner.

To this day, I don’t recall eating.

Thinking back now as a woman who slaves over Thanksgiving dinner, I can understand why my mom and Aunt Judy were so disappointed.

Thanksgiving is a time to share with loved ones, to thank God for every wonderful gift we have been blessed with.

On the other hand, as a tomboy and an avid fisherman, or fisher girl, I can understand completely why my dad and uncle needed that time.

They needed the experience and the connection that comes only from Mother Nature.

So, where as humans do we draw the line?

Definitely something to think about.

It is my belief that life is too short to be following “society’s rules.”

I believe that family and love come before anything else and that dreams and experiences were meant to be shared with those you love the most.

So, dare to be who you are, break the societal rules that we allow to govern our hearts, compromise, live, laugh, dream, and most importantly, listen to your heart.

Follow it and believe in who you are. For that mackinaw has not broken your line yet – it’s just pulling you all around the lake.

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