Ernie Day: Love, not corruption |

Ernie Day: Love, not corruption

I am writing this in concern of our beliefs and laws that a person is Innocent to PROVED guilty. There is So much Fake news to President Trump to our own town Drama. As a Christian I have notice in Craig that Religion and churches are nothing but a breeding ground for a social gossip organization for the lost souls to Judge and degrade their humankind. In a small cow town in the Rockies Mountains away from the Big City Greed, crime, Craig has integrated themselves with the Corruption of the same. As for the Red Flag law. hopefully it wont hurt our hunting seasons. Think about it. Hunters could lose their guns due to technicality or misunderstanding due to a disagreement with a hunting partner. I hope that our city and community can come together and be not to Judge or condemn and Love all as we love ourselves. For he who Judge shall be Judge.

Ernie Day