Ericca Glanville Wallet: And the other side says : |

Ericca Glanville Wallet: And the other side says :

Ericca Glanville Wallet

It always happens.

We make plans and somewhere along the line, those plans change. Regardless of what we do, something will come up as it did in the mid-1980s.

The plan was to go rabbit hunting.

My dad, his buddy Keith, and a few others wanted to get some rabbits for dinner. Daddy decided to make it a family affair, so my two sisters, my baby brother and I piled into the infamous Dodge Station Wagon, which, by the way, sported the wood side panels, along with my mom and dad at the wheel.

We were off for another great adventure.

Driving along some dirt road in Pinedale, Wyo., searching for the perfect spot to hunt rabbit. That was the plan, but as plans go, my dad spotted a coyote.

Without hesitation, daddy took that old Dodge off road, flying through the sagebrush doing at least 90 miles per hour.

The four of us were giggle boxes, bouncing around the back of that wagon like bouncy balls, cheering daddy on while mom was screaming at the top of her lungs, “You stop this car right now, you’re going to kill us!”

Her fingers were clenched to the dash, her knuckles terrifyingly white.

My dad drew his shotgun, aiming out the window, flying through the sagebrush and fired. He missed, and the four of us cheered, “reload, daddy, reload!”

My dad was so busy chasing that wily coyote that he failed to see the ditch, rock, badger hole. : Heck, I don’t know what we hit, all I know is that we hit something.

That something didn’t stop the Dodge. Nope, the Dodge kept going one way while the tire, rim and all flew the other way.

Who knows for sure where it landed – probably Big Piney.

Dad kept that Dodge under control and pulled the front end of it right over the edge of a ravine.

Him and Keith proceeded to put the spare on.

However, now that I’m thinking about it, if the rim and all flew through the air, I am left wondering where they found the extra lug nuts?

But, what do I know, I’m just a chick. Once again, as plans go we came home with nothing but a great story.

Life is interesting, just like us flying through the sagebrush.

Life, too, flies, and then you find yourself hitting a ditch. Whether that ditch is in the form of a loss of job, the loss of a loved one or finding out that your life expectancy has been shortened due to cancer or some other serious disease.

Whatever it is, one must make the most of it right, wrong or in between. Live life to the fullest for one never knows when plans will change.

Now, I sit here saying, “Ericca,” cause that’s what I call myself when I’m talking to myself. I say, “Ericca, enjoy every breath, every moment, every step cause you never know when it will be your last.”

Then I am reminded of something a very wonderful man once told me. ” You know what’s even cooler? When you realize that it’s your first.”

Please note …

This stunt was performed on a closed set. No animals were harmed in the process.

Please do not try this in the Continental United States.

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