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Enthusiasm is easy at a young age

There’s this age where enthusiasm prevails. You wake up each morning full of vim and vigor, ready for any experience life throws your way.

Katie’s at that age.

She’s 4.

Katie’s at one of those points that people think is wasted on youth. She’s young and her enthusiasm is boundless.

My favorite is “of course!” It’s how she answers questions now. It’s more than a “yes.” It’s a “yes” wrapped in love and filled with eagerness.

“Katie, will you let the dog in?”

“Of course!”

“Katie, can you scoot over?”

“Of course!”

It’s not just an answer, it’s an affirmation. She’s really showing how much she’s loving life.

Her enthusiasm is showing itself in her vocabulary, too. No longer is something just “heavy.” It’s “very, very, very, very, sooooooooooo heavy.”

There’s no middle ground for my girl. Weight is either a cloud or a cannon ball. Weather is either “nice” or “snowing very, very, very, veeeeeerrrrrrrryyyyyyy hard.

But, the very best thing about the enthusiasm Katie now bubbles with is singing. She is so excited about music.

Her current favorite song (sadly) is Der Kommissar’s “After The Fire.” She only likes it because there are a lot of “oh ohs” in it and she can sing along.

The problem with children is that, once they decide something’s their favorite, they want it over and over and over again.

How many times have you seen “Finding Nemo”?

It’s precisely why the girl’s have their own television (I couldn’t take it anymore) and it likely is why they’re in line for a CD player.

You can live with just about any song once in a while — but there’s a limit.

But you do miss quite a show when you confine your children and their musical abilities to their room.

Katie sings and dances. It’s great to watch.

She’s a tone-deaf white girl.

I expect her to grow out of at least one of those, but for now I’ll have video footage in exchange for which she will do hours of dishes.

I’m sure she won’t show as much enthusiasm for life then.

Christina M. Currie can be reached at 824-7031 or by e-mail at ccurrie@craigdailypress.com.

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