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Ellen Johnson: Comment out of context

To the editor:

Regarding response to “Obama Photo.”

The last remark made toward me Nov. 14 regarding my letter on President-elect Barack Obama’s picture on the back page:

Quote: “and really, do you seriously think you qualify to say whether Obama is right in the eyes of God?”

The statement was taken out of context. The rest of it read like this:

“Obama is right in the eyes of God. ‘There should be no black America, or white America, or Latino America, or Asian America, but only the United States of America.’ (this was the quote from his speech).”

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If people do not trust my insights after much study and reflection, ask the black, white, Latino- and Asian-Americans across America.

It is unity and peace we are seeking when we walk with a universal God. We start with peace of self. We grow as a community, a state, a nation of peace. It is a huge job, but that is our journey through life. Don’t take my word for it! Read the great books of the saints and the visionaries of our time. We stand in a time of great struggle in all walks of life and all sorts of jobs. We will come out of this.

Obama is our president-elect; support his efforts to unify and watch and pray for our country. There is an energy guiding us bigger than ourselves.

And based on the response of Nov. 14 to my letter of Nov. 12, I wish to say: We are all good people, and we must fight for our jobs. But it is not only industrial jobs that are very important but all jobs of all walks of life, starting with good health care and good education for our children.

And as for fear, I have one thing to say: I rest my case.

Ellen Johnson