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Elise Sullivan: Vote ‘yes’ on Amendment 73, 1A

Amendment 73 would provide $2.6 million a year to Moffat County to support our schools. The Board of Education has passed a resolution that this funding would be directed to maintenance of property and teachers salaries.

Since the recession in 2008, MCSD has fallen behind in maintenance of its buildings. If we were to raise that money locally in a mill levy override, it would take approximately 8 mills of local property taxes.

If you make the median salary in Moffat County at $53,000 per year and own a $200,000 house, your property taxes would go down approximately $8 to 12 per year with a “yes” on Amendment 73. You can verify this at the calculator at cosfp.org/impactcalculator.

If we, as citizens of Moffat County, don’t support our library and museum, no one else will. As part of the Citizen’s Taskforce, I learned that, due to the reduction in oil and gas valuation, Moffat County is collecting less taxes from these entities. Moffat County is mandated to fund the Sheriff’s Office, the Department of Social Services, and the Road and Bridge Department. Therefore, it has deemed the library and museum “non-essential services.” In the last three years the county commissioners have cut &10.7 million from their budgets, while still facing a shortfall of $1 million for the upcoming year.

The problem with continually cutting budgets is that it results in lost jobs and fewer services; as new people consider moving to Craig and Moffat County, they look at the provided services in a community as they decide to move here or not.

If you own a $200,000 home in Moffat County, you would pay $3.42 per month to support these measures. Moffat County has an assessed taxation on a $200,000 home of $990 per year, compared to the Colorado state average of $1248 per year and the national average of $2,422 per year. I got my data here: smartasset.com/taxes/colorado-property-tax-calculator#JPViMjqQFy.

If we pass up this opportunity to strengthen our schools and our community, we will be losing out on an essential part of the character of Moffat County. Please consider “yes” votes on Amendment 73 and Ballot Measure 1A.

Elise Sullivan


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