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Elementary school principal looks forward to challenges

Guest author

— Beginning this year, East Elementary School will be looking up to someone new. Guy Gladden, a 23-year veteran of education, is the new principal and is looking forward to a successful and exciting year.

Prior to arriving in Craig, Gladden was graduated from the University of Northern Colorado, took graduate classes and worked as the principal of an alternative high school in Idaho. Most recently he worked as an assistant principal of a school in Westminster, Colo., with 800 students.

His decision to work in Craig came after much investigation of the area. Factors determining his move included the schools and the community.

“Craig has a solid school district and East has a very professional staff,” Gladden said. “This is a really nice community and my wife and I are looking forward to becoming a part of it. I have not met anyone here that hasn’t gone out of their way for me. The parents and the district have really welcomed us.”

Gladden and his wife, Linda, are in the process of moving from Westminster. As Gladden prepares for the upcoming school year his wife remains in Westminster attempting to sell their home. They have two daughters ages 20 and 28, and a son age 25. Gladden enjoys outdoor activities such as skiing, camping and fishing so being in Craig is a definite plus.

“We enjoy what we can do around here and what Craig has to offer,” Gladden said.

Gladden is very set on preparing his students for the future and the advancement of technology. “Kids now in elementary school are going to grow and live through some extensive changes,” Gladden said. “Change happens just as fast here as in New York City. Kids here are going to have to compete in the global market and we want to set the stage for the rest of their career.”

According to Gladden, it will be a challenge to prepare the students but they will have an even better jump on the world around them.

Gladden stated that a solid education, critical thinking skills, social skills, and teamwork are important for the future of the world.

“We want to take every kid and see how much potential we can bring out. I know that every child has huge potential and the future of America is in the public school system,” Gladden said. “Parents should have high expectations like we as a staff do.”

Gladden is prepared for the school year.

“I really enjoy what I do and I feel I can make a difference,” Gladden said. “The community is supportive of the school district and I want to start the whole process in motion so students will have the competitive edge.”