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Edward Packard: Desperate for diversion

When I read that Scott Tipton said it was “bizarre” that Gov. John Hickenlooper endorsed Diane Mitsch Bush in this year’s congressional race, I thought, “Huh?” Given that Diane and the governor are both Democrats, that Diane had an admirable record as a county commissioner and in the Colorado legislature, that she has been praised for her bipartisan initiatives, and that she has a spotless reputation for honesty and decency, it’s totally unsurprising Hickenlooper endorsed her.

Thinking about it, I realized Tipton’s purpose was to insinuate that Diane was unacceptably extreme! He couldn’t dare say that directly; it would be ludicrous, as anyone can see from Diane’s website, dianeforcolorado.com.

Like a “tell” in poker, calling the governor’s endorsement “bizarre” reveals how desperate for diversion Tipton is. It’s understandable. He has so much he needs to divert attention from.

For example, his entire record of being lock-step with the Republican leadership in failing to provide Congressional oversight of corruption in the Trump administration; failing to condemn Trump’s obsequiousness to foreign despots; failing to take measures to safeguard our elections from foreign interference; ignoring Congress’s constitutional authority over war-making power; running up the deficit to give outsized tax breaks to the rich and super rich; undermining the Affordable Care Act, while offering no reasonable alternative; gutting environmental protections; failing to condemn Trump’s taking innocent children from their families and sending them to detention centers. The list goes on.

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