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Understanding the ballot: meet school board candidate Krystal Fedinec

In addition to ballot initiatives and city council, the people of Moffat County will also decide who will sit on the Moffat County School District board of education. One of those candidates is Krystal Fedinec, who is running for the board for the first time.

Craig Press: What would be your three top priorities as a school board member?


  1. Keeping students and staff members both in the classrooms and in their extracurricular activities, with as much “normalcy” as we can during these crazy times our world is facing. Students have already missed out on so many learning and social activities in the last 18-plus months, which is impacting social, emotional, mental and physical health. I am proud of our district this year for the current learning environments being held and would love to see education/extracurricular activities continue at a LOCAL level.
  2. Develop good relationships with our teachers, administrators, students and community members so that we all can have a voice. It takes all of us working together for our district to accomplish big things. Good staff members need to feel appreciated and taken care of in order to educate our children to the best of their abilities. Students need to have every opportunity possible in order to succeed while receiving an education in the district so they can also succeed after their school years. I would like to see community members involved in school functions to ensure that everyone is able to make informed comments/decisions regarding education in Moffat County.
  3. I would be interested in trying to pursue a four-day school week, if possible. I have heard other districts have experienced improvements in testing scores, better behavior, improved mental health and budget, just to name a few. This could also facilitate the ability for teachers and staff members to collaborate, plan and build team skills. Students would also miss less time in the classroom environment if traveling for extracurricular activities on a Friday.

CP: Some parents in the community are worried that masks may be enforced in schools. What is your approach to these concerns, and how would you balance that with public health concerns?

Fedinec: I feel strongly that masks should be a personal choice per individual family. I appreciate the current mitigation plan that is in place and hope it will not only continue but possibly even improve. Parents and individuals should be involved in this controversial topic. Ultimately, all our goals are to keep our children and staff members safe, healthy and in their classrooms. I feel that we all should respect each other’s choices and beliefs in this matter.

CP: As a first-time candidate, what are some concerns/topics you wish the board would focus on more?

Fedinec: As a board, we need to make sure that we are including staff members, parents of students, students, and our community members in decision making and planning. I am a firm believer that it takes us all working together as a team to have success in our district.

We need to make sure that our teachers/staff, students and community members feel appreciated, validated and respected.

  • Increasing the quantity and quality of early intervention resources for staff and intercepting students at an early age who are struggling or gifted with learning. Also being sure that our curriculum is fulfilling all our student’s needs, whether it be for the average student, the gifted student or a student that might have some difficulty learning.
  • Being sure that students are being taught without political agendas and are free to form their own beliefs, as well as educating students on true history and how it has made our country what it is today.
  • Teaching basic life skills to students that possibly might not have that opportunity anywhere else, such as cooking, cleaning, budgeting, balancing a check book, hygiene, etc.

CP: What is one way you would suggest that could get more community engagement (especially from citizens without children) in school matters?

Fedinec: Now is the time to come together and get our community involved in our school district. Possible ways to achieve this could include bringing in community members for education purposes, hands-on learning, job fairs, fundraisers, volunteering, community service, parades, carnivals, sporting event recognitions, Coffee with the Superintendent, doughnuts with the principal, teacher/staff/student achievements recognized by a special community member, special community members recognized within the district, etc. Our community needs to feel involved and utilized so that they will want to support our school district, our staff, administration and most importantly our students. I have many ideas in this area and am looking forward to serving on the Moffat County school board both as a proud parent, former employee and community member.

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