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It’s hard to believe, Moffat County, but if you haven’t looked at a calendar lately, it’s already August. August!

August means fair, fun, and finally, football. But, as far as we’re concerned at the school district, it most importantly means the return to school.

We know this is a bittersweet time for our kids. The fleeting days of a summer gone by all too fast, yet again, before a return to books and pencils, alarms and exams. We get it. But we hope there’s some sweet with the bitter: The joys of seeing friends again, of large-scale social connection, and hopefully, of learning.

We’re so excited to see your children again, Moffat County. We love that, living where we do, we get to run into them at the grocery store or at the pool. We’ve missed them! This year’s teachers are thrilled at the opportunity to get to know their new students. Last year’s teachers can’t wait to welcome them back. The team is hard at work, even now, preparing for the return of Moffat County’s children.

In the last few weeks before that happens, we’re sprinting hard to the finish line of summer — and the starter’s line of a brand-new year. That means training for our educators and administrators to be better and better at teaching our students. It means working together to establish vision and purpose to drive this year’s instructional work. It means collaboration around the best ways to teach our kids the most important concepts. It also means decorating classrooms, putting the finishing touches on early-year lesson plans and finalizing class lists. It means being prepared for when the students walk through the door on Aug. 16.

A few thoughts as the summer winds down for parents and kids:

• It’s a good idea to start getting back into your routines again. Bedtime on Aug. 15 and that first wakeup on Aug. 16 become a much easier transition from the structureless summer if we’ve practiced a bit the last few weeks of the break.

• For younger children especially, but really for all kids, have some chats with them about how we treat our teachers and our classmates. Things can get a little wild at home during the summer, and sometimes it’s hard for youngsters to break out of the habit of how they treat their siblings as the dog days of July wear on and they start getting a little sick of each other. Remember: Kindness is king.

• Enjoy these final days. Summer vacation is such a gift to children. It’s almost sacred time. As you start to get ready, find a way to make it a good time, too. Your kids will remember the time you spent with them, no matter what you’re doing.

We know there is opportunity for growth in this district. A big opportunity. We can do better; we can be better. And we’re going to be! We’re working so hard, Moffat County. So hard to become the district our kids deserve us to be.

And we need your help. Support your teachers. Volunteer. Give us feedback on what you or your student need to help him or her succeed. And then get involved! It takes a great place to make a great generation. Together, we will be that bridge to the future of this place we all love and call home, as we prepare our young people to drive that future through wisdom, creativity and passion.

We’re counting down the days to Aug. 16. We’re so excited to welcome your children back to school.

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