Jill Hafey: Moffat County is a great place to be

Jill Hafey
Superintendent of Moffat County School District
Jill Hafey, superintendent of Moffat County School District
Courtesy photo

I’m writing this in part to introduce myself to you, Moffat County, but, honestly, chances are, we already know each other. While I’m new to this role, I’m anything but new to this place. I grew up here, started my career here, and came up through the district — all in Moffat County schools. Today, I am in the position of introducing myself as your new superintendent of Moffat County School District.

It’s still a little surreal and hard for me to believe to be able to say that. I’m a graduate of this district, and I’ve been an educator here since before my children were born — children who, by the way, have all come up in this very district. Now I’m your superintendent. It’s the dream of my lifetime to have this opportunity to lead the school district that built me, educating the children I love and helping strengthen the community I adore.

I used to joke with previous superintendents that I’d be sitting in this chair one day. For years, it’s been a goal. The chance to take responsibility for this most critical community resource, to work with such spectacular educators while directing the nurture of Moffat County’s kids — it’s almost too much to believe can exist in a single role. And, of course, it really doesn’t. Hundreds of dedicated district faculty and staff make the education of your children possible. But still, to be in the superintendent’s chair is a dream come true.

But the dream never ended when I sat down in that chair. That’s when it started. The next step was standing up, putting up my sleeves and going to work to serve these children and make their educational experience the absolute best of the best. I believe we can do that, Moffat County. I like to say that Moffat County is a great place to be, and I mean it with all my heart. As a district, we are in such a strong position at this moment in time, so blessed by so many special, caring, talented educators at all levels of the district. As superintendent, the job is big, and my work is cut out for me. But the tools and the team are in place. This district is poised to do incredible things.

But, to do that, we need you, Moffat County. Whether you have kids in school or not, this district relies on you as much as you rely on this district. At this historic moment in the history of our community and region, as we witness a pivot point in our makeup and our foundation, it has never been more critical for us to band together as one and fight for our home and our future. As I have been all my life, and as my family has been in Moffat County for generations, I’m here for that fight. I’m here to win it. And I need you beside me.

Moffat County School District has seen its fair share of twists and turns. Some might call it turmoil. I’ll call it trial by fire. I believe we are stronger now than ever. I believe we are better positioned right now to succeed and thrive than perhaps at any other time in our history. The fight is not yet over, and the battle is not yet won. But we are primed for victory. If we can come together, trust each other, and — to use a metaphor from one of my passions outside of education — run hard through the finish line, we will overcome our challenges and emerge a district that shines like a beacon to a troubled education world. I really believe that. I want it desperately. Our kids deserve it, and our community’s future depends on it.

Of course, in this work, there is no true finish line. The only real finish line in this race is the starter’s pistol for the next race. But if we win today, we will be ready to win again tomorrow. And that’s what Moffat County is counting on.

Moffat County, thank you. Thank you for raising me, inspiring me and putting me in the position to do the same for generations to come. This is where I’ve always wanted to be, and it’s where I’ll always want to be. Thank you for getting me here. Now, let’s get back to work.

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