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Editorial: Where the sidewalks end

With classes beginning Monday in Moffat County School District, there's going to be a noticeable increase in children walking and riding their bikes to school.

It's a shame that the sidewalks they're required to use are in such poor condition.

Actually, students aren't the only ones shorted by our city's shabby sidewalks: pedestrians of all kinds — walkers, joggers, seniors and the disabled — are subject to the random nature of completed sections in one block and busted up, dirt or gravel, or altogether missing sections in the next block.

The sidewalk problem in our city today is one of the reasons why Craig and Moffat County isn't among the friendliest communities when it comes to pedestrians, the Editorial Board contends.

That opinion, it should be noted, isn't limited to this board, either.

The dilapidated condition of our city sidewalks has been a recurring concern for numerous local residents as well as past Editorial Boards.

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We realize high costs would be attached to the type of sidewalk projects the community needs, and that type of money, particularly in this difficult economy and climate when grant funds are drying up, might be hard to come by.

However, we encourage city officials to seriously consider prioritizing sidewalk planning, construction and renovation in the coming years as a way to improve the city.

The Editorial Board would even be in favor of the city bypassing some street improvements, such as those handled in the last few weeks, in order to build and renovate sidewalks.

The conditions of sidewalks today are simply embarrassing, and although strides have been made to improve them in spot areas, the problem largely isn't going away.

There are ways to rectify the situation, but until city officials recognize the problem and emphasize improving it, our community will be stuck with pathways for pedestrians that fall well short of the desired destinations.

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Our View

A recurring theme among residents and past Editorial Boards is the city’s lack of quality sidewalks. Although such projects are costly and funding these days is difficult to come by, it’s nonetheless imperative for improving quality of life and the city’s overall aesthetics that city officials put more attention and resources into a better network of sidewalks.