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Editorial: Spirits warmed

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Event in honor of Shane Braselton and benefit for Hannah Sixkiller were recent examples of positive community involvement that make a difference.

Organizers behind Sunday’s second annual Lid Jam in Craig, and a Dixon, Wyo., benefit for a former Craig resident should be commended, as well as those who supported them.

These people, who mostly deflected public praise for their efforts, took what could have been wholly negative happenings and created something positive.

Lid Jam, a biking and skateboarding event at the Craig skate park, paid tribute to the late Shane Braselton, a 20-year-old Craig man who died a year ago. It sought to not only honor Shane, but also impress safety habits upon those youths biking and skating city streets today.

A week earlier, family and friends of former Craig residents Ryan and Hannah Sixkiller hosted a barrel racing and roping event at the Russell Community Park in Dixon for Hannah, a 7-year-old girl who is battling brain cancer.

Numerous youth bikers and skaters received free helmets for participating in Lid Jam in exchange for a pledge to always wear them.

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The Sixkiller benefit brought in a staggering amount — $43,000 — for Hannah’s ongoing treatment.

Sadly, Lid Jam isn’t going to bring Shane back or ease the pain of his family’s loss, and the racing and roping event isn’t going to cure Hannah. Their circumstances are nothing short of tragic, and our hearts go out to their families.

But, the events in their honor were vitally important all the same.

They showed what some forget about our society.

Despite the seemingly insurmountable mountain of negative occurrences we hear about day after day, no matter the endless examples of human beings treating each other badly or the differences that painfully divide our culture and society, we nonetheless share a heart that has the ability to be infinitely compassionate.

And sometimes, showing that compassion by honoring bright and charismatic youths like Shane, or reaching out to help a sick little girl like Hannah, is enough to keep our faith and hope in each other alive another day.

The events did just that for Editorial Board members — they warmed our spirits, and reminded us why our community and its’ people are so special.

Cups for a cause

While dolling out praise, the Editorial Board would be remiss if it didn’t offer some to Brianna and Tyler Burkett, two Craig youths who live on Yampa Avenue.

The brother and sister tandem had a lemonade stand outside their house for about a week and earned $2,000 for Hannah and her family.

They sold cups of the cool beverage for 50 cents each, and accepted donations from residents who wanted to help.

If Brianna, 9, and Tyler, 7, are any indication, Craig and Moffat County’s long-standing tradition of charity and giving are indeed carrying over to the next generation.

These two conscientious young people should be proud of their accomplishment, and they should hear from those of you who are proud of them, as well.

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