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Editorial: Snowplow salute

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With winter in full swing, city employees deserve thanks for their work in keeping snow plowed and streets relatively clean and safe. And, though many residents are considerate of others with snow removal, a few others need reminding to remember their neighbors.

It’s an impossible job crews in our community tackle each year , plowing and removing Northwest Colorado’s considerable snowfall.

And yet there crews are, in cold and incredibly difficult winter weather, battling through the elements to make our streets more safe each winter.

The Editorial Board discussed the work of our city employees during Monday’s meeting and walked away wishing to express thanks for making this winter a little more bearable.

Their work is perhaps a thankless job , one look around at the snow accumulation tells you all you need to know about the task in front of them , and yet there are few concerns the community should have about their efforts.

It’s not perfect, wading through winter’s elements, and there are certainly some wrinkles crews could iron out, but overall the Editorial Board is confident they are doing their best, and oftentimes that’s good enough to make navigating the city in winter more possible.

Likewise, Editorial Board members also praise those many residents who are diligent in shoveling snow from their sidewalks for pedestrians, and also those who shovel for people who are unable to do so on their own.

It’s often been said this community takes care of its own, and shoveling for someone else, such as seniors, is a small example of that and a nice gesture.

Those who exhibit this kind behavior are a good example for others to follow , if you’re able to shovel, help someone who isn’t.

If there’s one issue with snow removal board members have, it’s with the few residents who are inconsiderate of neighbors or other property owners. There are some who pile snow on other’s property, causing one more winter obstacle.

Getting through winter is hard enough. Adding to each other’s burden with rude and inconsiderate ways is one worry we shouldn’t have to deal with.

So, if you fall under this category, think about your neighbors and other people before leaving them with your mess.

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