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Editorial: Seize the opportunity

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An open letter to Moffat County students and teachers:

On Monday, you will return to classes following the long summer break. A new year stretches before of you, a year that might be compared to a blank page waiting to be filled. What will fill that page is entirely up to you.

With that in mind, students, we encourage you to do two things.

First, recognize the incredible opportunity you’ve been given simply by virtue of having been born in the United States of America.

Even in this age of burgeoning technological and scientific advances, there are still places on this planet where even a basic education is in no way guaranteed, places where people are only offered that opportunity if they happen to come from the correct economic caste or happen to have been born the appropriate gender.

Here in the United States, neither social status nor gender plays a role in determining who is to be educated and who is not. This fact offers you an enormous potential advantage, but that advantage can only be realized if you seize the opportunity.

That brings us to the second thing we encourage you to do.

Make the most of what you’re being offered.

School is like a giant warehouse filled with all sorts of fascinating and useful items, and you’ve been given free access to explore this warehouse and take anything you want. All that is required is for you to pick the items up.

So, pick them up.

Even if you don’t plan to go on to college, education a reward unto itself. Learn how to learn. Technology is evolving so quickly these days, it’s difficult to keep up, and chances are, you’re going to have to reinvent yourself over and over again throughout the course of your lives. The greatest benefit of an education is the ability it affords you to learn from your experiences and adapt as new situations arise.

So, listen to your teachers, question them, critically evaluate the things they’re teaching you; if those things are sound, incorporate them into your lives.

Learn to think, to reason, to understand, to grow.

In short, learn while learning is the highest priority you have. Contrary to what some believe, learning does not end with graduation. You’ll soon be faced with a lifetime of it, so build a strong foundation now.

And to the teachers — those incredible people who dedicate their lives to offering the gifts we just described — thank you. The difficulty of your job is rivaled only by the importance of your job, and we know you probably don’t always feel your efforts are noticed, much less, appreciated.

You work long hours, and you often take your work home with you. During the summers, you enroll in continuing learning classes, you attend seminars, and you undertake independent reading projects, and you do all this so you can better perform your jobs when you return to your classrooms.

We recognize that, and we appreciate that.

So, as you embark into the new challenges and new opportunities of another year, please do so knowing you have our full support and our boundless thanks.

Frankly, we cannot imagine — and would never wish to imagine — a nation — a world — without you.


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