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Editorial: Roster thinner, but not bare

Two physicians with a lengthy track record of service in Craig and Moffat County will soon depart from our community, leaving a small void in the number of health care providers for the foreseeable future.

It was reported in Monday's Craig Daily Press that doctors Catherine Crowe and Greg Roberts are leaving the staff at Moffat Family Clinic, located at 600 Russell St.

The exits of both physicians appear to be amicable.

The Editorial Board discussed their departures at its Monday meeting, and wanted to wish Crowe and Roberts well in their future endeavors.

They were valued contributors to our medical community, and served an untold number of patients admirably.

Although there appears to be no immediate plans — at least for now — to replace them at the clinic, Editorial Board members can only hope that if they are replaced, the incoming physicians bring the same notable traits and skills that Crowe and Roberts did.

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Shortly after the story about the departing doctors published, there was some chatter in the community about a shortage of doctors the exits would create.

However, Editorial Board members believe there still exists an assortment of options, from local providers to those in Steamboat Springs and beyond, to meet residents' health care needs without having to travel too great a distance.

Certainly the roster will soon be thinner than it once was, but a number of options remain, including Moffat Family Clinic, where Dr. Larry Kipe and a physician's assistant will hold down the fort until finances and adequate time allow for replacements to be added.

Editorial Board members contend our community has made great strides in improving health care options for residents, most notably with the addition of a new The Memorial Hospital, and fretting over the loss of two doctors (valuable and committed as they are) is unnecessary.

For now, let's wish our two departing physicians farewell and good luck, and hope we land two equally skilled and dedicated doctors in the year to come.

Our View

Two valuable doctors preparing to leave the Craig and Moffat County community. Here’s hoping replacements can someday be found who are just as committed. In the meantime, it seems local residents still have plenty of options to meet local their health care needs.