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Editorial: Pause, reflect and respect

It’s sad but entirely true that sometimes it takes unfortunate things happening to others to make us truly appreciative and grateful for the people and things we have in life.

The editorial board came to such a conclusion at its Monday meeting after reading about the circumstances that befell 44-year-old Craig resident Kenny Savage last week.

Savage was sleeping in his 20-foot camper on east Fourth Street early Thursday morning, near the Moffat County Fairgrounds, when it caught fire.

The blaze consumed Savage’s home and all his belongings.

Far too often, as people and as a society, we get caught up, focusing on things wrong or missing from our lives. The self-help industry, with all its gooey feel-gooderies and shallow promises, preys on these American cravings for more, more, more.

We pursue what we believe will fill the void, only to learn later we had what we needed all along.

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Being appreciative, being grateful, is a lost art, a notion once ingrained but now almost entirely ignored.

This opinion piece today isn’t stumping for anything political, but is simply pushing forward a basic message lost in the blitz and rapid fire of life today — stop for a moment and be thankful.

Appreciate everyone and everything.

It’s something most of us learn in our youth, but the practice generally fades later in life by various responsibilities and rigors.

When it comes down to it, many of us aren’t in the same situation Savage is today — we’re not starting over from square one, with all our possessions and home charred in a pile of ash and ruins.

We’re not worrying about where we’ll sleep tonight or the next night.

Not everyone is as fortunate to have their basic needs squared away.

Thankfully, there is an effort underway to help Savage in his hours of need. A benefit account has been set up for him at Bank of Colorado, 250 W. Victory Way. If it’s within your power and heart to contribute, please do so.

If nothing else, it’s good for your karma.

But, do we really need to tell that to this community?

After all, as its been well established over the years, and even written in this space, the most impressive thing about the Craig and Moffat County community is its willingness to lend a hand to someone in need, to take care of its own.

Savage is in need today.

Help him out, if you can.

And, at the same time, appreciate you’re on this side of good fortune, rather than his.

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Editorial board members:

• Al Cashion

— Community representative

• Alisa Corey

— Community representative

• Bryce Jacobson

— Newspaper representative

• Patt McCaffrey

— Community representative

• Jerry Martin

— Newspaper representative

• Dave Pike

— Community representative

• Joshua Roberts

— Newspaper representative

Our View

Be appreciative. Be grateful. Simple messages we all learn in our youth, right? But, how many of us still take time to recognize the good in our lives? How many of us get lost in the warp speed of life, pursuing things we think will fill the void? Today’s message: be grateful.