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Editorial: Night moves

The Moffat County Commission answered a public request Tuesday by hosting a business meeting at night — they normally take place earlier in the day — to allow for better public participation.

The commission met as usual Tuesday morning to take care of a few lighter items, but reserved the bulk of its agenda, including a discussion on the Moffat County Public Safety Center's financing, for the second part of its doubleheader that evening.

The Editorial Board was pleased the commission moved ahead with the night meeting. Board members contend the evening gatherings serve several purposes, all of them benefiting the public.

The meetings show the commission is responding to taxpaying constituents, enhances governmental transparency, and gives county residents who work during the day and cannot be at the morning meeting a better opportunity to participate in their local government.

The Editorial Board commends the three-member commission for responding to residents. And, board members hope the Tuesday night meeting isn't a scheduling rarity.

There is validity in having night meetings and the information during those gatherings is valuable enough that we contend residents will attend given more opportunities.

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The Editorial Board isn't advocating for the commission to completely overhaul its' schedule — at least not yet — but, at the very least, occasional night meetings seem to warrant a trial period.

Give the night meetings enough time, effort and publicity so it has a chance to be successful, commissioners.

Still, as positive a step as Tuesday's night meeting was, it was not without one flaw — the commission meeting conflicted with the Craig City Council meeting.

The council regularly meets at night, and during its' gathering this week the city welcomed in a new mayor and council members.

Granted, the commission's meeting started at 6 p.m., and the council's at 7:30 p.m. However, there was at least some overlap Tuesday night.

The Editorial Board hopes the commission considers city residents, which make up most of the county's tax base, when scheduling the next night meeting, should there be one.

After all, we think the government's schedule should break in favor of taxpayers rather than the convenience of elected officials.

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Our View

This week, the Moffat County Commission responded to the public’s request for a night meeting. The commission should be commended for hosting a meeting that allows for better public access. However, there was one issue — the timing of the meeting could have been better.