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Editorial: NFL — No Finish Line

There's not much left to say about the debacle otherwise known as the Moffat County Public Safety Center negotiations.

After almost eight months of off-on-and-off again talks, our two governing bodies — the Moffat County Commission and Craig City Council — are no closer to reaching an agreement for the Craig Police Department's continued use of the facility than they were when discussions began.

For you football fans out there, we can only hope the NFL's labor dispute and work stoppage doesn't come close to matching the negotiating power outage we've had at the local level.

The opinions of what should be done have been many, but here's one as simple as they come: the two sides need to retire the facility's debt and, after an exhaustive and futile series of talks, discussions and public airings, finally finish this agreement, the Editorial Board contends.

So far, the negotiations have been nothing more than a waste of time that's taken elected officials away from focusing on more pressing public matters.

It's a sad state of affairs when our two governments have to struggle so mightily to simply retain what our community already has — all of its local law enforcement branches operating under the same roof.

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It's hard to focus on the future, on issues of primary concern like our energy industries and overall economic development, when we're stuck in the mud haggling over how to keep what we've always had in the past.

The public is tired of the public safety center issue. We're sure our elected officials are, too.

There's an equitable way to resolve the problem and all it takes is a measure of determination to get it done.

Thus far, that determination has been missing as each government grapples for a better end of the deal that, as of today at least, seems too far off from happening.

The end result should be not who gets the better deal, but how much the taxpayer benefits from it.

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Our View

The negotiations regarding the Moffat County Public Safety Center have stretched well beyond a reasonable point. It’s hard to focus on the community’s future when our two governing bodies are haggling over how to keep what we’ve always had — a consolidated law enforcement operation.