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Editorial: Maybell event deserved better

Each summer, Moffat County plays host to a number of events and activities aimed at entertaining locals and drawing in outside visitors.

Most of these events do only that — amuse.

But, one of our favorite events does more.

Maybell Cultural Heritage Days educates the more than 1,500 people it brings into the small town west of Craig about a way of life and culture quickly becoming lost on younger generations.

Frankly, there are so many good things about this event, the Editorial Board was caught off guard and concerned when learning it would be cancelled this year.

Event organizers are, for some reason, being tight-lipped about the reasons behind the cancellation, saying only that it stems from permitting issues.

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What permits were needed for this year's event and not in prior years, we don't know.

But, we have to ask why organizers didn't make the community aware of these troubles earlier?

Whatever the need is — time, money, planning — there are people in the community who can help.

A few organizers alone can't be expected to carry the burden of trying to set up and run such a rapidly growing event — completing permits, included.

Let us know what we can do to help in the future, please.

If we can't, we have neighbors to the east who are well versed in tourism and promotion and we can reach out to them for help.

We also have Al White, our former state senator, serving as the lead in the Colorado Tourism Office, who we can reach out to.

Maybell Cultural Heritage Days coincides with an event more well known, the Sombrero Ranches Horse Drive.

We're grateful this event — which entails driving more than 600 horses through downtown Maybell — is continuing this year.

However, the two seem to go hand-in-hand these days, and we wouldn't want either to suffer unnecessarily.

We can't let the great assets our community has slip away, and if this packaged event can't happen to the fullest or has to be canceled, we need to reach out and support it.

We think this situation illustrates a larger issue. It seems residents of Maybell and the surrounding area think they are out there in the country all by themselves and shouldn't ask for help from their neighbors in Craig.

Despite the distance, we are one community and should support each other as such. Not letting us know about the issues with hosting this event doesn't honor that sentiment.

Some things have too much value in the community and some things are just too good to let permit issues get in the way.

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Our View

The cancellation of this year’s Maybell Cultural Heritage Days due to permit problems concerns the Editorial Board. Perhaps the problem could have been avoided with community assistance. Some events, like this one, are too valuable to let slip through the cracks.