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Editorial: It’s great to give

When the topic of community involvement comes up, the first images that come to mind may be a local board or volunteers donating their time to put on an event.

What if you don't have the time to volunteer, though, or don't consider yourself board member material?

Fortunately, these aren't the only ways to support vital resources and services in this community.

One of the best ways to chip in, in fact, may be out of your own pocketbook.

Donating to local organizations is an easy way to give back to the community. It takes only a few minutes and no prior experience is required.

Moffat County United Way is a good place to start. The entity supports more than 50 nonprofit organizations, including:

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• Advocates Crisis Support Services, which helps battered and abused women,

• Horizons Specialized Services, which provides care and services to residents with developmental disabilities,

• and The Northwest Colorado Dental Coalition, an organization that provides dental care to low-income patients in Northwest Colorado.

Donors also can pick which agencies they want their dollars to benefit, and there are many ways to give, including one-time donations and payroll deduction.

The best part is the money stays in Moffat County, meaning any money you give will help your neighbors, maybe even your friends and family.

Moffat County United Way's campaign ends officially at the end of December, but residents can make donations throughout the year.

Need another example?

Cowboy Christmas, the Boys and Girls Club of Craig's annual fundraiser, is coming up on Dec. 3.

The event offers a night of food, live music, dancing and a live auction, and the proceeds benefit the organization, which provides after-school activities for local children.

There's not enough space here to list all the fundraisers and campaigns that help keep local organizations going. Suffice it to say that the means of giving back to the community abound.

Don't misunderstand; the Editorial Board isn't pressuring people to give beyond their means. The best donation is the one that the donor can afford.

Charitable giving is especially important now, though, as the dour economy puts more residents in need of the services these organizations provide.

Even a small donation can make a difference, especially when many people pitch in together to help.

You're probably going to soon hear presentations from charitable organizations soon or get a knock on the door from an entity that needs some financial help, if you haven't already.

The Editorial Board encourages you to give as you are able. The benefits of knowing you have helped someone in need will last all year long.

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Our View

Giving to United Way and other charitable organizations is an easy way to support the organizations that offer vital community resources and services. Residents shouldn’t feel pressured to give beyond their means, but any little donation helps, especially if a wide section of the community is involved.